Contract Altium Printed Circuit Design
(PCB Layout)

Cu Layer Inc. offers over 20 years of experience designing high-speed digital and analog printed circuit boards to your schematic design.

Ball Grid Arrays, Chip Scale Packaging and advanced High Density Interconnects in the form of blind and buried vias are our specialty.

If your design requires controlled impedances or if your design is more of lower-tech design we can develop the electrically innocuous circuit connections that will bring your schematic design to life.

We have experience with Aerospace, Medical, Telecom and other industries.  flexible printed circuit board (polyimide) designs as well.

Please feel free to call 630-802-7873 or email us ( to talk about your particular circuit board needs or simply to discuss circuit board design considerations in general.  We are located in the greater Chicagoland area.  We use Altium Designer software.

Our designs recognize the need to maintain high-speed signal integrity, minimize PCB fabrication costs and facilitate the PCB assembly process while providing for automated tested.

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