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Audible Generator Alarm (Coming Soon)

If your generator belt breaks, the countdown to catastrophic engine overheating begins. If you don’t happen to notice the red generator light, or worse yet you’ve lent your car to your spouse or someone unfamiliar with 356s, will they notice the red light that has come on, or much less pull over and call you to ask about it?

You only have to think about what a full engine rebuild will set you back financially to understand why we were asked to develop this unique product.

If ever the audible alarm sounds in the car you will immediately notice the red light on the dash and know to pull over and check your generator belt. A casual driver using your car is far more likely to pull over and call to ask what’s wrong rather than neglecting to notice or care that the red light is on.


  • Touch plate alarm cancellation. No fumbling to find the alarm’s “OFF” switch.
  • Touch plate alarm cancellation is designed to work even with gloved hands.
  • Volume switch (high and low volume)
  • Four position sensitivity adjust to so as to mask any low RPM generator light bulb “glow.”
  • 6-volt and 12-volt compatible.
  • Easy magnetic or Velcro mounting
  • Integrated delay circuit to prevent the alarm from sounding during the car’s starting procedure.