BA15S- HP Single Filament and BA15D-HP Dual Filament

  • 6-Volt DC and 12-Volt DC compatible (negative ground.)
  • Uses three LUXEON® Rebel High Power LED Emitters.
  • A BA15-HP is mounted to a BA15S bulb base for single-filament bulb emulation.
  • A BA15-HP is mounted to a BAY15D bulb base for dual-filament bulb emulation.
    • The low brightness output is emulated by lighting one of the three Luxeon Rebels.
    • The high brightness output is emulated by lighting all three Luxeon Rebels.


  • The BA15S’ optical collimator unites its three Luxeon Rebel emitters into a single focused beam of intense light.


Works in both 6-volt and 12-volt negative ground vehicles

Voltage: 4-volts DC to 16-volts DC.
Power consumption @ 6-volts DC: 0.5 amps (3.0 watts) nominal
Power consumption @ 12-volts DC: 0.27 amps (3.25 watts) nominal
Size: 1.5″ (app. 38mm) in diameter.

Note*: The BA15-HP was specifically designed to fit within the limited space of the Porsche ‘beehive’ taillight. The Porsche ‘beehive’ has no dished parabolic reflector rising above the bulb socket and a beehive-shaped lens with an ever decreasing radius above.

For non-Porsche applications, it may be helpful to note the nominal distance from the rear face of the BA15-HP’s 1.5″ diameter disk to the bulb socket’s lowest bayonet is 0.850″. Be mindful of this if you are trying to fit the BA15-HP into another vehicle’s taillight socket as a bowl-shaped parabolic reflector may present a physical conflict when trying to seat the BA15-HP into the bulb socket. This problem may be exacerbated when depressing the BA15-HP deeper into a bulb socket so as to engage the BA15-HP’s bayonet pins into the socket’s matching slots.