Matchbox Headlight Relay

The Matchbox is a high-quality DUAL headlight relay unit (with two independent 15-amp relays) for controlling high and low beam lamps, auxiliary lamps or fog lamps. Other uses include power-windows, sunroofs and horns.

The Matchbox is small enough to easily fit inside a crowded motorcycle headlight bucket yet powerful enough to control high wattage lighting or electrical loads.

The Matchbox is available for 12-volt motorcycle and automotive negative and positive ground electrical systems.


  • Two independent 15-amp relays in an extremely miniaturized size.
  • Outer case covers are non-conductive flame-resistant lightweight fiberglass. No short circuit worries from incidental contact. Screw-heads are non-conductive nylon as well.
  • Easy inter-connection using .250 solder-less push-on connectors. Uses common push-on solder-less female connectors available at automotive and hardware stores.
  • No relay sockets required.



Each 15-amp relay is capable of supplying up to a 180 watt load (360-watts total.)