Model 356

Model 356 LED Taillights

The Model 356 LED Taillight modules are available for the Porsche 356 ‘teardrop’ taillights in both 6-volt and 12-volt versions. The Model 356 taillights are sold as a set of two LED circuit boards that install easily behind your existing taillight lenses without modifying your OEM Porsche taillight housings.

What makes the Model 356 LED Taillights so effective is that we use seventy-two high-brightness LEDs in each set.  Unlike incandescent lamps, LEDs only emit light in one direction.  Most commercial LEDs are generic bulb replacements and as such most of their LEDs point in directions that do little good for the Porsche 356.  To make our high brightness LEDs more effective we point all 72 LEDs at the drivers behind you.

A safety feature of our Model 356 Taillights is that during daylight driving (headlights not on) the Model 356 slaves the running light LEDs to the brake light LEDs for 50% more lighting power during daylight (sunlit conditions), arguably when your taillights need to be at their brightest. When the headlights are on (night driving) the brake and running lights revert back to working independently of each other (normal taillight operation.)

The Model 356 is sold as a set of two (driver’s and passenger’s side) LED taillight modules. The LED taillight modules use your existing taillight lenses, bezels and taillight housings.

90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This product if for aftermarket use only and has not been DOT certified


  • 72 High rightness LEDs per set
  • Voltage regulated to provide optimal LED intensity regardless of fluctuations in your system voltage.
  • 6-volt models have independently biased LEDs, meaning no “Christmas tree light” failures where one failure knocks out a string of LEDs.



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